Welcome to the contrib generator

The purpose of this contrib generator is to help you to respect SME standards to integrate a web application.

One example would be to integrate a webapplication available throught a repo like EPEL, let's say wordpress rpm.

First, you have to see the structure of the application RPM that will be copied to smecontribs repo and understand what files need to be templated, and what do you want to be easily configurable.

Then simply start filling this form to create the fellow package that would be named after "smeserver-wordpress" if we follow our example. Then, fill name and major version of your smeserver package, without "smeserver".

The second element, "DB and template," is to say if you need a user for mysql, an admin default user for administering your application to be created, and path were to find default content of mysql table. This will generate the appropriates files to create the users, password, mysql db, inject content in db amd create a first template where the informations for the admin eand mysql user should be found. You will be able to alter the template folder later after downloading the archive.

The third part, "Other templates," will be to create a structure for all other files you need to a template. Again, it will only create a folder, and add a link to the appropriate event to expand it. You will populate yourself the content of the template after downloading the archive. generated.

If your contribution is a web rpm, then you need to configure some elements for integrate it in httpd. The part called "web application" will create a standardized template to do most of all your needs.

If your contribution is not really a web http application, but rather need some port redirection, the element "Other remotely accessible application" should fulfill all your needs.

Finally, the element "Unix Service", will let you configure everything you need to have the service started with SME!

General Informations


DB and template


other DB keys and props

By default we create an account with contribs name and type reserved, and a configuration key name alaos against the contrib name with service as type , contrib name as Name, enabled as status.

Other templates

Web application

Default access is always limited to local LAN.

Other remotly accessible application

for more configuration : refer to http://wiki.contribs.org/SME_Server:Documentation:Developers_Manual#Managing_the_firewall.

Unix Service